IJECRT: Volume 2, Issue 1, December 2017

Title of the Paper: A Study on Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
Authors: Alfred Seipeleng Moselekatsi; Srinath Dossdownload

Because of escalating vulnerabilities to today’s changing security environment, Organizations are now prioritizing the Information security protection. Because now Internet allow public to be connected anywhere and anytime, that global accessibility on its own has triggered Organizations weaknesses because its security controls can be either be internally and externally compromised. Hence the mandate of this article is to parallel discus and bring awareness of ethical hacking in conjunction with penetrations testing. At the end of this article one will agree that Ethical Hacking and Penetration testing are preventative measure which involves a pool of legitimate tools that identify and exploit Organization security loopholes. Technically their techniques are like those malicious hackers’ uses to attack vulnerabilities in company’s security systems, which then at the end can be guard against and closed. The ideal gain of conducting the two is to reveal how easy a company security controls can be penetrated by hackers as well as obtaining access to private and confidential information.

KeywordsPenetration testing, Ethical hacking, System security, Information security

Title of the Paper: A Study of Distributed Data Mining on Multi Agent System
Authors: Priyanka BKN; Madana Mohana Rdownload

The speedy progression in information gathering in business and intelligent fields has truly obliged upon us the need to examine and mine critical information from it. Information mining recommends the whole arrangement of separating productive and novel delineations/models from impressive datasets. Because of the monstrous size of data and measure of check related with data mining, world class enrolling is a key portion for any advantageous wide scale data mining application. Information mining is characterized as removing the information from database. Distributed process explores techniques to use process throughout a non-centralized way. First, method sometimes wants large amounts of resources in house for storing and computation time to make systems climbable, it’s necessary to develop mechanisms that distribute the work load among many sites throughout a versatile means. Second, information is distributed to many databases creating centralized methodology of this information very inefficient and in danger of security risks.

KeywordsDistributed Data Mining, Multi Agent System

Title of the Paper: Epicure Sentiment Analysis
Authors: Aruna Flarence R; Anusha Kdownload

This paper proposes a system for extract and summarize sentiments given by various customers on restaurant services. The reviews are collected manually and internet. The Summarization can help marketers evaluate the success and new find item launch, determine which food items are popular and identify the demographics like or dislikes. This system helps in improving the performance of restaurants with their respective cuisines through their websites. This system classifies the review data into positive, negative and neutral from the preclassified data set.

KeywordsSentiment, customer reviews, summarization, classification

Title of the Paper: Crime Analysis Using R
Authors: Gouni Akila ; Madana Mohana Rdownload

In this paper investigates the Crime information of a day and age progressively enabling the client to help in picturing the thickness of Crime Map utilizing R and month of information gathered and length of examination period, the charts come up inside a moment giving knowledge to the agents. Understanding the fleeting advancement and examples of criminal systems is essential for law authorization and insight offices to research and anticipate violations. Removing and envisioning criminal systems from a lot of wrongdoing information has been a test over the previous years. Specifically, the perception of the dynamic improvement of such systems after some time has been troublesome from multiple points of view. Late headway of information examination gives new scientific thinking devices to investigate and break down a lot of information with intelligent visual interfaces. By utilizing the thoughts of information investigation, we propose here a system to envision criminal systems utilizing the R condition called as CrimeMap.

KeywordsCrime Data, Crime Map, Trends, Clustering

Title of the Paper: A Survey on Data Cleaning Techniques
Authors: Mounika B; Satyanarayana Vdownload

Data mining is a technique where data is uprooted from large number of data. Data Mining is outlined as extracting info from vast sets of information. In simple manner we can say that data processing is that the procedure of mining information from knowledge. Information pre-handling is a vital issue for information mining work. When all is said in done and true information soil information have a tendency to be fragmented, clamor, and conflicting. These attributes of the dirt information may not yield the normal outcome for grouping. For any information breaking down work, the information pre preparing is extremely fundamental for good outcome. Different information pre-handling procedures are right now accessible in reality. Information pre-handling methods includes information cleaning, information joining, information change, and information decrease. Information cleaning can be connected to expel clamor and right irregularities in the information. Data cleaning schedules concerning soil information work is to clean the information by filling in missing esteems, smoothing up various information, distinguishing or evacuating anomalies, and settling irregularities. Messy information can cause perplexity for the mining method, bringing about temperamental and poor yield.

KeywordsData Mining, Data Pre-Processing, Data Cleaning

Title of the Paper: Text Extracting and Networking Implementation for Analyzing Topic Modeling
Authors: Ashwini M; Madana Mohana Rdownload

Topic Modeling provides an easy to use way to determine big anonymous text. A field contains a chunk of chat that usually occurs at the same time. A subject modeling is able to relate talk among connected meaning along with associate use of converse through various meaning. This revision gives two categories to maybe treat obedient the work of topic modeling. First one discusses the area of methods of Topic Modeling, that has four methods and perhaps treated obedient this division. These techniques are suppressed Semantic study, Probabilistic Hidden Semantic Examination, buried Dirichlet share, and Associated Topic Model. The second division is named Topic Evolution Model, it considers an essential circumstance time. In this division, various models are discussed, in the manner that area ended point, active subject model, Multi scale issue Tomography, Dynamic Topic parallel exposure, and detect matter progress into logical literatures, and so on.

KeywordsPredictive analyze, GRA, Text Mining

Title of the Paper: The Function of Human Resource Planning in Recruitment and Selection Process in Public Sector
Authors: Vijaya Sekhar Reddy K; Roopalathadownload

The focus of this study was mainly to analyze the effectiveness of the fair recruitment and selection procedures in the public sector universities. The careful attention was given in data collection and was collected through personally administered questionnaire from heads of the teaching department who are actually operating academic departments and are a vital part of recruitment and selection. The Human resource planning is used by organizations to ensure that they have the right number and the right kind of people at the right place and at the right time. Where this process is carried out properly, it brings maximum long-run benefits to both the organization and the individual employee. However, increasing environmental instability, demographic shifts, changes in technology and heightened international or global competition have created imminent role for Human resource planners considering the fact that recruitment and selection process have become more complex in the present time.

KeywordsRecruitment, Selection, Employee performance, Human resource management, Practices

Title of the Paper:  Predictive Modeling on Big Data using R Language
Authors: Mahesh P; Madana Mohana Rdownload

Predictive logic encompasses a nature of analytical techniques from designing, natural language processing, and data tapping that determine modern and ancient data to make predictions through prospective, or else unaccepted, events. Predictive designs are represents of the affinity enclosed by the special emergence of a object in and one or more prevailing facet and disguise of the unit. The intention is to create and undergo by evaluating the tendency that an akin unit in a strange sampling will reveal the specialized dance. This list encompasses designs that follow many areas, in the manner that purchasing, situation they track down complex data patterns to comment questions roughly purchaser drama, being extortion find represents.

KeywordsPredictive model, analyze, graph, big data

Title of the Paper:  Optimal Load Scheduling of Thermal Power Plants by Unit Commitment Method
Authors: Surendranatha Reddy M; Hari Babu Mdownload

In present days, the increase in load demand is enormous and with interconnection of networks it is essential to run the generating stations with in its constraints to meet the load demand optimally and reduce the real power generation cost. A major objective for the thermal power generation is to reduce fuel consumption by scheduling optimal power generation to each unit (economic dispatch) such that each generating unit is within its equality and inequality limitations. The optimum real power generation scheduling plays crucial role in scheduling power of utility power system. Because power saving is prior. For huge multi-unit power station, reasonable unit dispatch is nearly related to the running economy of it. The unit commitment on thermal power economic dispatch has been analyzed in this paper. Primarily unit commitment optimization model which can eliminate frequent starts and stops is done. Then, load scheduling of thermal power plants based on constraint limits to reduce fuel cost is analyzed. The solution methodology includes algorithm for unit commitment method and economic load scheduling of thermal power plants in its constraints. The results are simulated in Mat Lab for 3 generators, 6 generators, 15 generators supplying for certain loads.

KeywordsEconomic Load Dispatch (ELD), Lagrangian Multiplier (λ), Generation Scheduling (GS), Unit Commitment (UC), Cost of Power Generation (C (PG))